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Bank Transfer

Payment by transferring through a Bank account such as transfer between customers

Payment Method
Price / Transaction

BCA Virtual Acct
Rp 4.000 / Transaction
Mandiri Virtual Acct
Rp 4.000 / Transaction
BNI Virtual Acct
Rp 4.000 / Transaction
Permata Virtual Acct
Rp 4.000 / Transaction
Maybank Virtual Acct
Rp 4.000 / Transaction
Danamon Virtual Acct
Rp 4.000 / Transaction
CIMB Niaga Virtual Acct
Rp 4.000 / Transaction
Permata Syariah Virtual Acct
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CIMB Niaga Syariah Virtual Acct
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Over the Counter

Payment through Department Stores and Kios spread throughout Indonesia.

Payment Method
Price / Transaction

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Virtual Account

The need for better control and visibility over their cash inflow and outflow—and liquidity positions—has led corporates to seek smarter transaction banking alternatives like virtual accounts. These are a series of dummy accounts used to make and receive payments on behalf of one physical account. Virtual accounts also offer corporates the ability to reconcile payments in real time


Identification of Payments in Real Time

  • A unique Virtual Account number will instantly identify the payment
  • Minimize transfer errors
  • Automatic reconciliation to minimize back office activity
  • No more unidentified payments

Greater Transfer ATM User

  • Compared to credit card users, ATM Transfer users are larger
  • How to transfer Virtual Account is the same as regular ATM Transfer

Fixed Cost per Transaction

  • Relatively Lower than Credit Card

Virtual Account Management

A Virtual Account Management (VAM) platform can help corporates create, manage and monitor virtual accounts better. They offer benefits like a self-servicing VAM engine, a dashboard view to account information and a sophisticated reporting module, in addition to payments and liquidity management. While they can significantly reduce the investments banks require to stay active in the industry, VAM platforms can also complicate a bank’s ability to have a single comprehensive view of their customers.


Easy Integration

  • Easy integration with API & Plugin
  • Customizable payment page
  • We provide merchant management page

Complete Solution

  • Connect to various bank products
  • Mobile friendly
  • Competitive fee per transaction

Customer Service

  • Technical & admin support
  • Continuous support
  • Auto reconciliation & payment notification

Benefits for Merchant

  • Direct settlement
  • Fast delivery / implementation
  • Easy to download transfer report in real time
  • Auto email notification for successful payment
  • Reminder email for invoice due date
  • Reduce unknown transfer
  • Reduce manual recon process
  • Reduce time to recon

Benefits for Costumer

  • Virtual Account transfer realtime processing
  • Will receive email payment notification
  • Do transaction anywhere & anytime for Virtual Account transfer via banks channel
  • Customer will get all information before payment, to avoid mistakes
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