PT. PrismaLink International was established in 2011 with a vision to become the leader and key player in Indonesia and Regional Market for eCommerce Payment Solution, Bill Payment and Payment Notification solution for banks and non-banks.

PT. Prismalink International has delivered biller payment channel solution to some small medium banks and also providing short messaging services to some state own banks and insurance company. Our success is built on continuous innovation, always listen to our customer’s/market’s needs and consistently deliver what we have promised as part of our service delivery commitment.

With our experiences in financial and IT industry, PT. Prismalink International managed to develop internet and non internet based bill payment channel and eCommerce payment solution which can be used to support Small and Medium size bank’s need on providing bill payment services to their customers and also for non bank business to provide similar services to their customer/clients. What has made us different from other players is the continuous innovation in technology and in-depth domain knowledge of the people in the industry that learned from the experiences.


eCommerce Payment Solutions

Below are some solutions that we can offer:

  • PT. Prismalink International is working with some major banks on providing eCommerce payment channel that you can use to support your eCommerce business. With a simple integration process and very short turn around time, our eCommerce payment customers can have various payment channels both debit and credit card within their eCommerce website.

  • We can also help banks on acquiring new eCommerce site to support their eChannel businesses.
Bill Payment Services

We have more than 70 (seventy) billing payment channels which are varies from utilities, post paid and prepaid telephone vouchers, cable tv, finance, etc. We can help to integrate and connect these bill payment services into your existing systems such as internet banking, teller system, Automated Teller Systems (ATM).

We also created internet based bill payment system (www.bayar2.com) where individual can use it to pay their routine/non routine bill payment with a very interesting discount rate. Individual can also apply as an agent within this www.bayar2.com to get even more discount and use it as their additional source of income. Read More..

Payment Notification Using Short Messaging Services

We can provide pull and push short messaging services including One Time Password (OTP) for your financial transaction and also broadcast short messaging services to market your product and/or services


eCommerce website where you can purchase or pay more than 70 (seventy) billing payment which are varies from utilities, post paid and prepaid telephone vouchers, cable tv, finance, etc. Within this website, you can apply as individual to get a special discount rate on purchasing your pre-paid telephone vouchers, paying your utilities bills, etc or you can apply as an agent to get even bigger discount.

You may not disclose Your account password to anyone and must always maintain the security of the device you use.


Application Programming Interface Payment Package for eCommerce

Application Programming Interface (API) - Payment Package for eCommerce from PT. Prismalink International will provide payment channel from various banks to the eCommerce site owners. This package can be integrated to their eCommerce shopping card very easily and can work in multiple eCommerce tools such as prestashop, wordpress, etc. With a very minimum and flexible pricing scheme, this payment package will give the flexibility to the eCommerce site owners to receive online payments from various banks for both credit and debit cards within single integration process.

Merchant Acquiring Services

For eCommerce merchant, finding a credible bank and use their service as their online payment channel will be quite challenging because there are several standards that they need to follow. PT. Prismalink International can help these merchants to overcome this issue by providing a credible payment channel using various banks which are already connected to PT. Prismalink International.


Virtual Account Partners

Bill Payment

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