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Debit Online

PLINKĀ® Payment Solution with Online Debit System

PrismaLink payment solutions with the PrismaLink Debit Online solution help facilitate payment transactions that many online shop customers use by using customer accounts directly without having to go to ATM or COD (Cash on Delivery).

Complementing the security of transacting with this solution, PrismaLink builds a secure tokenization data system to protect customer debit card data. In addition, with this tokenization system, customers can make transactions with the concept of express check-out, where from the same online store for the second transaction and then the customer does not need to enter the debit card data repeatedly.



This solution uses the concept of data tokenization to secure customers' debit card data in transactions and this system will be implemented on the Bank's side, so that it follows the security standards of existing Banks and Financial Institutions.


The transaction process is very simple and easy in 1-2 steps to pay (enter card and OTP data), then even in just one step to enter OTP only (the concept of express checkout).


With the Express Checkout concept, the transaction process is carried out faster and increases transactions for online stores that use this solution because of the decline in customer cancellation transactions due to long payment stages.

QR Code

PLINKĀ® Payment Solution with QR code technology

The PrismaLink payment solution using QR code is the current payment solution that is done by scanning the QR code via the smartphone customer.

Funding sources that can be used in this way are very flexible, ranging from funding sources for direct savings / online direct debit accounts (with strict security controls, of course), virtual wallets (digital money) to credit cards.

Applications from this solution can be downloaded from Google Playstore.


Widely Accepted

Can be used by all customers of the Bank concerned without exception.


The transaction method is very easy, you only need Log-in, scanning the QR, and Pay.


Has many sources of funds that can be used by customers.

Modern Lifestyle

Supports a modern and efficient digital lifestyle.


Safeguarding multiple transaction systems, following international security standards and banks.